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I’ve been involved in organizing outdoor events in West Palm Beach since the early 1990’s.  Most often, the thing overlooked, is ample seating for your patrons to sit, rest, and enjoy your event.


Rent-a-Bench offers weather proof, outdoor benches to enhance the event experience.  Research shows patrons who can rest or take a break with a refreshment will stay longer at events.  The hot Florida sun provides a unique challenge such as dehydration and fatigue.  When there is a place to rest and recover your guests can continue to enjoy their day.


We are fortunate to have many tourists drawn to South Florida, as well as an increase of seasonal residents.  Local and regional events offer dozens of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather, our communities, and the sights and sounds of countless events.  Whether it is an Art Festival, Craft Show, Concert, Sporting Event, Green Market or other enjoyable points of interest, there are crowds of people and typically not enough seating.  


I have been a Florida resident for nearly 40 years and love improving Florida experiences.  Let me help you improve your next event by offering Rent-A-Bench services to the people of the Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast event industry.







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